French Bulldog Behavior Training Strategies

The French bulldog generally very quiet dog and they only bark when there is a cause. If you’re tired, frustrated, annoyed, or your neighbors complained several times and called law enforcement due to your dog excessive barking, then try not to have your emotion influence your thinking. Instead, take a step back to identify what causes your dog to behave this way and French bulldog puppies for adoption  resolve it.

Sometimes when your French bulldog bark excessively, it may be for a good cause. For example, suppose your dog barks excessively in the middle of the night while you were asleep. The barking sound woke you up, and you feel angry and annoyed. You decided to leave your bedroom to quiet your dog, but you heard strange loud noises in the living room. You move slowly and quietly to the living room to take a quick peek, and found two strangers scattering around looking for valuable things. You quickly headed back to your bedroom and dials 911.

The above example is a good cause of why your dog barks excessively, and you don’t want to take away that special instinct from them. Therefore, your dog excessive barking might NOT be an entirely a bad thing.

If your French bulldog barks excessively without a good cause, this is because they were placed in a situation that is more rewarding for them to bark. When the situation changed such as by placing your dog to different area, then your dog can be quiet.

Here is some probable reason, or it can be combination of these reasons that triggers your dog to bark excessively: angry, lonely, afraid, bored, hungry, cold, hot, asserting their dominance, excited, want attention, intruders, danger, isolated, bossy, stressed, or pests such as mice, roaches, etc.

If your French bulldog continues barking after the situation changed, you can use a laser pointer or stop-barking collar devices to distract your dog from barking. Some people prefer to train their dog using strategies and techniques because that creates stronger bonding and respect between them and their dog. In addition, training your dog to stop barking can better your chance of success if your dog has another behavior problem such as aggressiveness, peeing in master bed, nipping, etc.


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